16 April 2019
Politics watch: 4 scenarios for America’s next presidential election

Will Donald Trump be reelected in 2020 or will one of our other three scenarios come to pass? ING has teamed up with Oxford Analytica to present US Politics Watch, which will be updated monthly from now until the election

Video: US politics watch, a populist Democrat?

In what circumstances coudl we see a populists Democrat, such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, take the White House in 2020? It's just one of the election scenarios we're watching. Here, James Knightley looks at possible economic implications of such a win

Video: US politics watch, a Trump win?

Donald Trump being re-elected President of the United States in 2020 is one of four scnerios we're considering in our US politics watch series. ING's James Knightley looks at possible future economic implications

Video: US politics watch, a centrist Democrat to win?

The economic implications of a centrist Democrat winning the US election race in 2020 is one of four scenarios we'll be looking at over the coming 18 months. Watch ING's James Knightley consider the prospects

Video: US politics watch, a non-Trump Republican to win?

Don't assume Donald Trump will definitely be contesting the Presidential elections in 2020. The economic consequences of a non-Trump Republican winning the race is one of four scenarios we're considering

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US politics watch: Four scenarios for 2020

With the US presidential election less than 18 months away, we're looking at the political and economic consequences of four different scenarios. Who and what might unseat Donald Trump? This is a collection of all our articles and videos, produced in association with Oxford Analytica

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