Report1 June 2017Updated about 8 months ago

Electric cars threaten Europe’s auto industry

Electric cars are charging ahead. With costs coming down and improvements to both battery life and infrastructure, the industry is nearing a breakthrough that threatens to upend the traditional car market in Europe

Executive summary

The car industry is at a fork in the road. In just six years' time, the total cost of owning an electric car will likely be equal to that of one run on petrol or diesel. By 2035, we think there's a realistic chance that almost all of the new cars in Europe are electric.

This poses a major problem for the continent's traditional automotive industry, which has been at the forefront of developing the combustion engine, and which currently produces about a quarter of the world's cars. 

In this report, we look at the challenges and opportunities created by this seismic shift in the sector over the next two decades.