Report27 March 2018Updated 9 months ago

Brexit: Half way there

Explore our new slide pack for our latest thoughts on Brexit negotiations, the UK economic outlook and the pound with one year to go 

Executive summary

With one year to go until the UK formally leaves the EU, talks are entering the most difficult phase yet. And with negotiations set to be wrapped up in October, time is short.

Inside our latest Brexit slidepack: 

  1. Our UK economic dashboard
    How key variables have changed over the past year

  2. Carney’s clipboard
    Why a May rate hike looks increasingly likely

  3. Brexit progress check
    Where the Brexit talks are up to

  4. Reasons for optimism
    Three reasons why we think a positive deal is needed

  5. What the UK is asking for on Brexit
    And why the proposals have been met with a cold reception

  6. Prime Minister May's next big test
    A vote on the customs union in the House of Commons

  7. Why a 21-month transition period may not be long enough

  8. We’re bullish on the pound across the medium-term