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Daniel Gilbert: The ‘miracle’ of being able to think forward

Harvard psychology professor Dan Gilbert is a keynote speaker at the Think Forward Initiative summit

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Daniel Gilbert: The ‘miracle’ of being able to think forward

Harvard psychology professor, Dan Gilbert, says our ability to think forward is unparalleled. And it's an important observation as he addresses the Think Forward Initiative conference in Amsterdam this week. The Initiative is a multi-partner programme, headed by ING, that focuses on financial decision making and how organisations like ours can help people in life and in business prepare for a more financially sound future.

'Financial decision making - impact in action': That's the theme of this year's event. Professor Gilbert is a keynote speaker. His book, Stumbling on Happiness, was a New York Times bestseller and has been translated into more than 30 languages. Speaking about how we plan for the future, he says 'There's no excuse for anyone to ever make an error in financial decision making'.  

The conference was opened by ING's CEO, Ralph Hamers, pictured on stage below. 'We've achieved a lot in developing new insights, and taken the first steps to harness innovation and technology to empower people based on those insights.', he said, 'We now want to take it to the next level'. 

A number of research projects have been commissioned by TFI to understand better what influences our financial decision making and they've been released to coincide with the conference. Click on each of these links to read more about: 

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