Report1 February 2018Updated 11 months ago

Savings comfort- a path to happiness

Comfort with savings correlates with happiness - yet many in Europe, the USA and Australia still put nothing aside

Executive summary

Money might not buy happiness but it can help - that's what the findings imply in our seventh savings survey, the ING International Savings 2018

57% of respondents across Europe replied either "yes" or "most of the time" when asked if they feel happy in general. Only 10% said "no" or "rarely" and 32% "sometimes". 

47% of the happy group reported that they were comfortable with their savings level. Savings comfort was noticeably rarer among those who said they were happy sometimes (21%) and those who said they were unhappy (13%). 

Of course, savings comfort may not on its own make a person happy. But our results suggest a link: comfort with the amount of savings one has readily available is clearly one of the many factors that can contribute to overall happiness.