15 May 2019

Mobile banking 2019: Tech in banking in strong demand but adopted with care

Our 7th annual ING international Survey on attitudes towards financial technologies is a story of the steady adoption of mobile banking, albeit with some natural hesitation, and continued consumer interest in tech. Download the full report below:

Executive summary

Europeans are wary of new technology in banking, despite the high demand. That's the core finding from the latest ING International Survey.

We find that: 

  • 65 percent of Europeans have never used fingerprint or voice recognition to log into their bank’s app 
  • Just 52 percent rate face recognition as secure and only 35 percent rate voice recognition as secure 
  • 70 percent still go into a branch to access services from their main banking provider 
  • Yet, 73 percent agree that banks should deliver the latest technologies to their customers and 77 percent believe that banks should work together to ensure the latest payment systems work everywhere

ING’s 7th annual survey on attitudes towards financial technologies is a story of the steady adoption of mobile banking, albeit with some natural hesitation, and a continued consumer interest in tech.

There is room for new players to enter the field. Even though many consumers remain with just one bank, a similar amount now use additional financial service providers, too. New players are often heavily focused on tech and could further boost the use of new banking technologies.

In this report, we examine the technological trends and how people in different countries are responding to them. We look at the curve of adoption, issues around data sharing, 'automated' banking and FinTech. 

Some findings at a glance

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