Report23 January 2018Updated 4 months ago

Eurozone Quarterly: All systems go

The transformation in the Eurozone's economic fortunes has surprised even us. For how can the good growth story last? 

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Executive summary

The Eurozone economy is set for a fourth consecutive year of above-potential growth in 2018. While the output gap is gradually closing, inflation is only expected to rise very slowly, keeping in place expansionary monetary policy throughout the year

In this collated report, we take a look at all the countries in the bloc, assessing where we are and what could be in store for this quarter and the rest of the year.

ING's Peter Vanden Houte takes a look at the Eurozone as a whole but notes that some difficult political problems remain.

The German economy continues its almost everlasting boom. The next new government there should add some minor fiscal stimulus in the coming years, without going for the big economic strike, says Carsten Brzeski.

We look at how the prospects for France have dramatically shifted in just a year. It's a similar story in Italy, but elections there may prove problematic.

So, take a look at the prospects for each Eurozone country, and we even look at housing, by clicking on the Download button above.