Report7 September 2018Updated 4 months ago

Asian FX Talking: Gauging the fallout

While Asian markets have seen some contagion from the troubles in Turkey and Argentina, the selling has not been indiscriminate. Indeed, some countries in the region have shown signs of resilience. Read our report to find out which currencies we think may be able to withstand the pressure and which are more vulnerable

Executive summary

Concern about an emerging market sell off has proved well-founded, though so far,
there is a degree of differentiation, and Asia, though not immune, is showing signs of

One thing is clear from the recent FX movements, although there is a degree of
contagion from the problems in Argentina and Turkey, markets are not mindlessly selling EM FX.

A combination of central bank and government policy will now determine whether
markets reward proactive and credible policy action or whether currencies come under further pressure.