Report1 April 2019Updated 2 months ago

Asia in 2019: Macro and markets

In this report, we take a look at some of the underlying regional trends in Asia and if a global recession is really set to hit the region. We also have a bash at comparing different growth rates and finding the perennial underperformers alongside delving into the weird relationship this place has with oil 

Executive summary
  • China: Toughing it out
  • Japan: Normal service resumes
  • Korea: On the wrong end of the tech slump
  • Taiwan: Double whammy
  • Singapore: Slow progress
  • Thailand: Political overhang
  • Malaysia: Balanced risks
  • Indonesia: Current account deficit triggered run on FX
  • The Philippines: Inflation forces to hike
  • Vietnam: Great potential
  • India: Yet another turbulent year
  • Australia: Mixed outlook