31 March 2023

Listen: Constructive on credit

In this podcast, ING's Global Head of Sector Research Jeroen van den Broek and Credit Strategist Tim Rahill discuss how the recent turmoil in the banking sector has impacted the credit market and why they remain constructive on the outlook for corporate bonds in 2023  

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, strain in the US regional banking system and the decision by Swiss authorities to wipe out some Credit Suisse debtholders proved a volatile cocktail for risky assets in the first quarter, with sharp moves in the stock market and investors demanding much higher premiums to own corporate bonds. In this podcast, ING's Jeroen van den Broek and Tim Rahill discuss how the credit market has been impacted by the banking turmoil so far and why they're positive about the outlook for the rest of the year.

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