6 December 2018Reading time 2 minutes

Fresh perspectives? THINK Outside

We're giving you even more to think about with THINK Outside, a new dimension to ING's economic and financial analysis, writes ING Chief Economist, Mark Cliffe

More sources on our menu

Our research is devoted to serving our clients' needs. But we don't do this on our own. In developing our analysis, interaction with our diverse client base is a vital source of information and ideas. We also draw upon the collective wealth of expertise from our contacts in academia, industry, government, media and consultancies.

Although we've always acknowledged this, by giving you access to a selection of original outside content we hope to give you more food for thought. Welcome to THINK Outside! Over the coming months, we plan to roll out an expanding range of sources for THINK Outside on ING's groundbreaking website, www.ing.com/THINK. Some of these are ones we have used for years, but in this challenging world, we're always on the lookout for more. We would like to thank Project Syndicate, CEPR, MIT, Bruegel, CEPS, and OMFIF for allowing us to give you access to their expertise via THINK. We are in active discussions with others, which we hope to bring you soon.

Variety is the spice of life

THINK Outside also acknowledges that we need to embrace a variety of perspectives from the world around us. Just as ING Global Research aims to be clear what it's thinking, true understanding comes from diverse, even contrary, approaches and opinions. So the content that we aim offer will not just confirm our views, but also challenge them.

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