Snap28 July 2017Updated one year ago

A surprise jump in Austrian growth

On the back of strong second quarter GDP numbers, the signs for the second half-year continue to look bright for Austria

Austrian growth was stronger than expected, coming in at 0.8% quarter on quarter, mirroring the first. Second quarter growth was broad-based, driven by domestic and foreign momentum with strength coming from exports, consumption and corporate investments. 


Austrian growth QoQ

same pace as the revised previous quarter according to Austrian Institute of Economic Research's first flash estimate


After a robust first half of the year, the signs for the second half-year continue to look bright. On the back of favourable international and domestic conditions, Austria’s upswing is set to last, and fundamentals are performing well. Early parliamentary elections are due in October, which give some uncertainty on the prospects for the next government. However, with sentiment high, the robust growth story is likely to continue for the rest of the year.