Report30 November 2017Updated one year ago

The protein shift: will Europeans change their diet?

25% of Europeans expect to cut back on meat, so what does that mean for governments, producers and consumers?

Executive summary

Environmental, health and animal welfare issues put pressure on the central position of animal protein products in European diets. 1 out of 4 Europeans expects to eat less meat in five years time, mainly because of the associated negative health effects. This trend prevails in many European countries although the main drivers differ from country to country. A further shift in consumer preferences is likely as the level of innovation in alternative protein is high and governments are increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint of our diet. Food companies should be aware that the ratio between animal and plant-based products will become more evenly balanced.

This report looks at the environmental, health and animal welfare issues of the so-called 'protein shift'. We look at how consumption of animal food products in Europe could develop in the next ten years and examines the main concerns regarding animal protein consumption.

We also look at the drivers and barriers to a protein shift in Europe.