Report1 September 2022Updated 2 months ago

Recession’s coat of many colours: the full ING Monthly report

Different shades of recession are spreading across the globe at record speeds as soaring inflation, geopolitical tensions, and astronomical gas prices show no signs of abating. In our comprehensive September guide to the global economy, one thing's for sure: tough times lie ahead. Download the complete ING Monthly for September below. 

Executive summary

In this edition of the ING Monthly, Carsten Brzeski gives his take on what the world is facing right now. 

We delve deeply into the global energy crisis as worries intensify. And we look at how Europe is preparing for a hard winter. 

Central banks have a role to play and we look at what they'll be doing next and how rates and FX may be impacted.

We focus on the political and economic situation in Germany and the wider eurozone. And as the UK prepares for a new prime minister, we look at the huge challenges he or she will face.

And exports are shrinking in Asia. We look at what's happening across the region, not forgetting China with its real estate crisis.