Report6 November 2017Updated 4 weeks ago

Homes and Mortgages: Is home ownership still a smart choice?

Our survey finds 65 percent in Europe see buying their own home as a symbol of success. But is that still a realistic aspiration?

Executive summary

This second ING International Survey Homes and Mortgages 2017 report looks at the perspectives of renters versus owners across 13 countries in Europe as well as the USA and Australia.

78% of home owners say they are happy with their housing situation, versus 59% of non-owners. 

Those who don’t own their own home are more likely than owners to say they are unhappy or even very unhappy with their current housing situation.

One of the most sobering statistics, is that 48% of renters and other non-owners agree with the statement “I will probably never be able to afford to buy a home”.

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