Report25 August 2017Updated one year ago

German elections: Don’t say ‘boring’

The upcoming election might be a small step for Germany but could be a giant leap - or setback - for the Eurozone

Executive summary

The German election campaign should currently be at its peak. We say 'should'.

The reality is a rather unexciting campaign, characterised by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s high popularity and the inability of all the other parties to initiate a particularly stimulating debate. It would almost need a political miracle to prevent a fourth term in office for Merkel.

However, what looks like a minor event for Germany could turn out to be a major event for the future of the Eurozone,

In this report, Carsten Brzeski, ING's Chief Economist for Germany, looks at what's now at stake. Why is the economy not a major factor in the poll? What are those polls now saying? And why is it that the race for the bronze medal counts?