Report15 January 2018Updated 11 months ago

FX Talking: In EUR we trust

From the majors to the minors, here are ING's FX forecasts for January

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Executive summary

The euro continues to perform well in 2018. The story here is about timing the next leg higher. Read our FX Talking report for January and see why we prefer March for the next significant euro rally. 

Also in this report, we're also looking at the US dollar: 

USD/JPY: We're sticking to a 110-115 range

GBP/USD: Our conviction call for this pair is to rally to 1.40 in 1Q18

EUR/JPY: Why we expect further gains

EUR/GBP: Risks are skewed to a move below 0.85 on the back of a 'softer' Brexit

Also in this edition:

The prospects for the Scandis, the Swiss franc, emerging market FX and much more.