Report30 October 2017Updated 8 months ago

Circular construction

Customers are often demanding further reductions in the environmental impact of buildings. The basis of circular construction and the reuse of building materials is the focus of this report

Executive summary

What is circular construction?

Circular construction is more than recycling  

High-tech and low-tech circular construction  

Many different methods  

How does circular construction work? 

Who does what?

All supply chain partners are involved

In practice: Venlo town hall and New Horizon 

What role does ‘from ownership to use’ play?

Maintenance and ‘from ownership to use’

Maintenance contract more likely for smart buildings

From ownership to use often a bridge too far  

Examples of service models: likely/unlikely

Why circular construction?

Next step to energy neutral buildings

Increased demand for circular buildings 

Conclusion 20 Winners and losers in the supply chain