Article28 July 2021

Listen: Pains, Chains and Automobiles

The global car industry was forced to slam on the brakes this year, as a shortage of semiconductors hit production just as demand was starting to pick up. While the problem is expected to be temporary, ongoing supply issues and the rise of electric cars suggest there could be bumps in the road ahead, as ING's Oleksiy Soroka explains in this podcast.

Demand for cars has bounced back strongly this year, as restrictions have eased in many countries and consumers look to spend some of their savings accumulated during lockdown. But supply has struggled to keep up, with a global shortage of semiconductors hobbling production and pushing car prices higher around the world. In this podcast, ING's Senior High Yield Debt Analyst Oleksiy Soroka tells Senior Editor Rebecca Byrne why he remains cautiously optimistic about the outlook despite some roadblocks ahead.