Article15 May 2019Reading time one minute

Daisy’s story: Tech helps me manage and track my money

Being in control of our finances is a top priority for most of us, so how is banking technology really being used to help our money goals? The ING International Survey has some answers

New Technologies report: Daisy’s story

ING's New Technologies survey shows consumers, like Daisy here, want their banks to keep coming up with smart ways to manage their money even if not everyone's going to use it immediately. 

Different forms of banking-related technology are clearly becoming embedded in everyday life. And so-called tech 'agnosticism' is pointing to an openness to different methods of money management. That's one of the findings from our latest ING International Survey and something one ordinary consumer we spoke to can relate to. Daisy says tech is certainly helping her manage her money better, but it's still not easy to keep on top of everything. Hear her story by clicking on the image above, and download the full survey findings here.